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Escape from everything with Marina Alonso in Bali

It’s not always easy to remember dreams of nights gone by. Dreams that are consistently reoccurring and taking you places so perfect and remote, you fear they might not exist. And, yet, they somehow become a shaded semblance of your reality.

We suppose one could say that dreams really do come true. Such is the case for Marina Alonso.

Simply put, the ‘places’ are really just Marina’s imagination running wild. She is a dream chaser and this time found herself running around the islands in Bali.

Sift through the sands and painted pink coastlines and incandescent turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean through Marina’s photographic journey of the Balinese Islands.

A reprieve from the bustling city life, where boats and donkeys are the preferred means of transport…


Tell us a little bit about yourself….a quick Q&A with @MarinaLons


Where is home for you? I was born in a Mediterranean town near Valencia. Spain will always be home, but I've been living in Australia for the past two years and it now feels pretty much like home to me.

….3 fun facts about you that most people don’t know about you?

1. I taught myself English as a kid by reading those little lyric books that came inside CDs. Yesterday was the first word I ever learnt, yep, The Beatles.

2. As a teenager, I lived almost three years in South Korea and I can maintain a decent conversation in Korean as well as sing along to the all-time Kpop hits.

3.Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) is my biggest hero. I’m a lefty too.

When did you start surfing? Surfing was popular among my friends as a teenager -probably because there was no surf on the east coast where we grew up- so we used to go on trips to the Canary Islands. These are the first memories I've got of it I think, but it wasn't until I moved to Australia that I picked up surfing on a daily basis.

We know you just got back from a trip to Indo…tell us about it? It was ridiculously fun. The locals there are the cheekiest and their hospitality amazed us.

We toured every island we could during the two weeks we were there and discovered amazing locations. I won't stop recommending this country, however, the amount of trash and plastic we found both out in the water and on land was shocking and impossible to ignore. It was a true wake up call.


….your favorite go-tos for someone traveling to Indonesia for the first time. And any need to knows for a naive traveler.If you land in Bali, make sure you don't miss the island of Nusa Lembongan, it was our first stop and we had the best time there.

Indonesia allows you to plan your trip on the go and make last minute changes and that's definitely an advantage. Most people tend to stay in Bali or the Gili Islands but I would totally recommend going further East to Flores or Raja Ampat in West Papua, you won't find the resort life there though, but these places are definitely worth it. Dying to tour them on a boat trip.


my advice for a naive traveler: better be good at bargaining!

Where would you like to get your passport stamped next? Hawaii has been on my to-do list for too long now!


What would you pack for your next excursion (pick a few items you shot in by name and explain why…)I'd definitely bring the Surf Beat Bodysuit, it's come everywhere with me since I got it. Really comfy to surf in!I'd pack the camera, tons of sunscreen... You know the essentials.Also, please someone remind me to wear a hat more often!

Bikini over One-Piece or vice versa? Bikini. The Sol Searcher kini was my go-to to play in the water and cruise all day around the island.

What is your spirit animal? Never thought of this but probably a corgi.

Who is your go-to travel buddy? There's this guy, his name is Chris, he's really good at maps and building things. He comes in very handy, but my ultimate travel buddy and all-time hero is my mumma. When I was a kid she bought these two camping cars and took me traveling all around Europe and beyond for months every year. When she turned 50 she quit her job to continue traveling and she hasn't stopped since.