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Travel -

Adventures in Bali with world-traveler Júlia Muniz

It’s always an adventure with our favorite Brazilian babe, Julia Muniz, especially when those adventures bring you to magical places like BALI.

With limitless options and places to visit we needed some tips from our local guide, and photographer Rafael Moura to lead us to all the ‘secret spots’. Read more about some of our new favorite places to check out in Bali and read Julia’s Q&A and what’s up next…


Bukit: where all the most famous Bali surf spots are including Uluwatu, Pandang Padang, and Bingin. In Bingin we shot at the gorgeous Dreamland Beach full of Blue crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. Yes please!

Tabanan Beaches: A destination about 15-25 minutes northwest of Canggu. This area is much like how Canggu used be back in the days. Rice paddies everywhere, less touristic, black sand beaches. It’s a perfect getaway from the crowd of Canggu. 

Waterfalls central Bali: Bali has some of the most beautiful waterfalls, most of them located in central and north Bali. This waterfall specifically is still very untouched by tourists. On the  route to get there, you’ll pass by through beautiful villages and many rice paddies on small roads. You can see volcanos in the horizon along the way. 

Elephants: This famous lodge that rescued elephants in Sumatra. It’s up north in Kintamani district. It’s a long and beautiful way to get there if you are going from South Bali. From Ubud should take around 1h30minutes. Kintamani is a perfect destination for those who want to escape from the heat of Bali. In the mountains it can be fresh and even get cold sometimes..
Advice for someone traveling to Bali? Try to stay a little bit in each part of the Island so you can see everything. I usually stay between Uluwatu-Canggu-ubud, and my favorite is Uluwatu! 
Tell us 3 things about yourself… I love to travel, eat good food and try to always stay positive.


Where do you call home? Or home away from home…. I was born and raised in Brazil, and 2 years ago I moved to LA. I've been traveling almost every month since then, so I don't really have a home at the moment (what I love) 


Tell us more about the elephant sanctuary you visited? I went to the Elephant Park Bali - Mason adventures. They are opened since 1997 and are a rescue facility, the experience is unique. It's a safe environment and the park is big.
What were some of your favorite hidden spots in Bali? From black sand beaches, waterfalls, white sand beach, the jungle, rice fields and sunsets (we know you covered a lot of ground!). My favorite spot is Bingin. I love to stay all day there by the beach and have a big pitaya bowl after surfing :) Driving by the rice fields during sunsets is always amazing and makes me so happy. 
Any beauty secretes for staying bikini ready or favorite new workouts? I've been doing a lot of yoga, resistance bands workouts and meditation. The best ''bikini body'' is your own! So I'm just focusing in being a best version of myself, not only outside but getting more healthy and strong.


Do you have any must-pack new looks from Billabong that you wore in Bali and why? Spill… I'm always using my off the shoulder swimsuit, I can pull out with pants/shorts/skirts or just by the beach. Is a perfect and easy choice :)


Tell us something you can’t live without right now… I can't live without new adventures coming next :) 


Go to things you pack (five things you can’t live without)…Coconut oil, chapstick, swimsuits, polaroid camera and sunscreen 


Day spent hanging at the beach or out exploring until the sun sets? out exploring until the sun sets


What is it about seeing the world that inspires you? Meeting new people and cultures inspires me and makes me want to see more and more. 


What are your top 5 bucket list places you have yet to explore? Panama, Fiji, Japan, Vietnam, Jamaica




What’s next….?I'm in West Australia now and I go to Thailand in the end of October