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Warm By Laura Enever


“Spending the winter time in Hawaii brings up warm feelings of Nostalgia. I’ve been travelling to the North Shore to push my surfing since I was an 11 year old grom, and I can easily say the same nervous excitement upon arriving has never faded. 



Over the years, stepping into the water has come with different dreams, goals and challenges as I have evolved as a surfer and a person - From the joys of riding waves on the sand bars as a grom to the rush of surfing big Sunset for the first time as a teenager and then feeling the intensity of competing at waves like Haleiwa, Pipeline and eventually Peah’i.  Every year has taught me more about myself, and what truly makes me feel alive. 



The few months I spent on the North Shore this year were a beautiful time to reflect and be grateful for how much this incredible place and people have helped me grow and impacted me throughout my career. I’ll be forever grateful for the kids I met in the surf who have become lifelong friends and those who have pushed me in the water along the way. When the stars align and the hard work pays off, it’s a magical feeling.


Every winter season showcases different waves, moods and emotions and this year was no different - From riding a twin fin on the shore break one day to a 10 foot gun on an outer reef the next. The power of the pacific ocean here always has a way of humbling you whilst leaving you wanting to come back for more.



Thank you for the rides so far Hawaii. You hold a special place in my heart." – Laura Enever



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