How to compost your Bikini Liners with Lex Weinstein

To keep the Earth Week celebration going, we partnered up with Lex Weinstein to walk you through how to compost at home.

Follow the steps below and get ready to compost with us:

  • Step 1: Gather your supplies - bucket, mulch, shovel, chicken wire, large leaves or cardboard, tree trimmers or garden scissors

  • Step 2: Make a chicken wire tube and line the inside with leaves or cardboard 
  • Step 3: Fill the bottom with mulch, then kitchen scraps and other compostable materials, including our bikini liners

  • Step 4: Cover with more mulch + mix!
  • Step 5: Maintain by adding water (should be damp but not soggy or dry and brittle) and mix weekly or as needed use compost in your garden beds to help enrich the soil and keep your plants thriving