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Billabong Bloodlines was born to breed the next generation of world-class talent to grow together in a unique environment through professional surf coaching with our trusted elite training staff and legends of the sport, offering their inherent wisdom and guidance.

This year's first European edition in Hossegor, France brought together our young team for a weekend-long training camp.

The first day provided challenging conditions for everyone, a day focussed on finding the best chameleon, and learning to stay present and adapt in all conditions were the wise words from Didier Piter, head coach at Hossegor Surf Center & our Billabong rider Dani García.

The surf coaching and video feedback were combined with boxing training from the legend himself - Benjamin Sanchis, our big wave master. 

The team were blessed with all-time conditions on the second day, the girls scored heaps of waves at Hossegor Sud, whilst the boys spent the day trading barrels out front. Huge commitment and positive energy from everyone fed into their progression over the weekend.

Watch how they scored…


Meet the crew - Camp 1.

Sam PiterInigo MadinaLuan Nogues, Joao Mendonça, Brando Giovannoni, Nestor García, Jacobo Trigo, Peru Zuñiga.

Meet the crew - Camp 2.

Josh KarbusOxel Oregi, Alejo Valido, Eder Fuentes, Gabriel Abiven, Martim Fortes.

Meet the crew - Camp 3.

Sarah LeiceagaBahia Frediani, Maea Juventin, Margo Liets, Maria MartinezGrace Doyle.

Video by Arthur Genie (@arthur_genie).