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Occ-Cast -

Occ-Cast Episode 33 featuring Gerry Lopez

"No one's going to do that. That's absurd." - Gerry Lopez when first confronted with the idea that people might pay anyone to go surfing.

In Episode 33 of the Occ-Cast, Mr. Pipeline, Mr. Style, actor, shaper, surfer & snowboarder, Gerry Lopez, sits down for a chat with Occy. This legend has lived one of the fullest lives of anyone on the planet, and has stood calm in the eye of the Banzai storm like no-one before or since.

Occy caught up with Gerry at the Billabong House at Pipeline to chat about pioneering the shortboard revolution, surfing G-Land for the first time, and the worst wipeout he ever had at Pipe - literally tearing himself a new one & puncturing his colon.

This interview will have you wishing for the old days, excited for the future, and wanting to pack more into your everyday existence.

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